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Roses are Red - Coconut Milk Bath

Roses are Red - Coconut Milk Bath

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Organic Coconut Milk Bath

Elevate your self-care routine with MyTea Garden's nourishing bath soaks. Roses are Red  has got you covered from the beautiful aromatherapy that lifts your mood, to the skin loving oils that replenish your whole body.  Exfoliate your skin, alleviate muscle tension and clear your mind when you immerse yourself in the comfort of Roses are Red Organic Coconut Milk Bath. 

Why You're Gonna Love This 

🌿Formulated to exfoliate, buff and polish your beautiful skin

🌿Reduces muscle aches and swelling 

🌿Leaves your skin hydrated and silky smooth

🌿Promotes wellness and positive mental health

 ⁎ Scented with sensual essential oil blend, with floral rose love notes for yourself care.  


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