My name is Angi and I have been married to my best friend for 29 years. I have 8 children and am the proud Granny of 6! My husband and I are both nurses and we moved to Texas from New York via the military. My husband is originally from Jamaica, and so I love the food, culture and the whole shebang. I love to vacation there and drink up all that nature, fruit trees in the yard and just a really natural vibe. We became aware of a need for us to change the way we ate some years ago when my husband was diagnosed with a difficult health condition. We learned about green shakes and warm lemon water in the morning. Continuing our journey, we moved out to the country and learned about gardening. And oh my God, I was so hooked on what a little seed could do.. That was over 20 yrs ago and I'm still amazed watching the whole seed to plant, garden to table, process unfold. I fell real deep as I learned about Jamaican herbs and "Bush Baths" from my husband. The journey to better eating led us into using safer products on our skin. I learned to make soap from my homesteading friends and I never bought store soap again. From there I used herbs to make lotions and deodorants and everything we needed for our daily hygiene. I used my love for herbs and what I learned about old traditional "Bush Baths" and was just blown away at how my sensitive itchy skin wasn't so itchy anymore and I was softer too. I shared with everyone whatever I made and it led me to where I am now. From Nature to Body... nature inspired body care. And my favorite part is seeing the herbs in our products, and the smell of the essential oils. So that's what I share, a love and a need for natural skin care, that highlights herbs that our customers can learn about and discover their many uses.