Sour Sop (Annona muricata)
Sour Sop (Annona muricata)
Sour Sop (Annona muricata)

Sour Sop (Annona muricata)

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Jamaican Sour Sop (Annona muricata):
Sour Sop Or Guana Bana is an herb used to fight and prevent several disease pathologies. The leaves are used as a tea and have powerful antioxidant properties and contain significant levels of Vitamin C, which boost and strengthen the immune system.  

Consult with your Doctor or Healer and discuss medications you are currently taking, desired health outcomes, and risks and benefits associated with Sour Sop leaf.  

May help with:
⁎ Healthy digestion
⁎ Eliminating free radicals that cause cancers
⁎ Blood pressure support
⁎ Detoxification

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