Lavender Earth
Lavender Earth
Lavender Earth

Lavender Earth

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 Proudly grown and harvested in our very own Lavender farm, here in Texas. Lavender is known to calm, and promotes restful sleep, which is why the scent is beloved in aromatherapy. In this Spa Bar, we utilize the Lavender's bud, leaf, and stem for an exfoliating effect.

Key Benefits

⁎ Exfoliates and reduces hyperpigmentation

⁎ Helps rejuvenate aging skin

⁎ Fights acne and oily skin

⁎ Scent stimulates positive mood responses in the brain


🌿Colored naturally with Lavender herb and herbal brewed tea


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amy Ella Satterthwaite
Care giver

I take care of my mom who because of certain medication her skin is super dry. So she loves lavender. I got the lavender soap and oil set for her and it seems like the only thing that has soothed her dry itchy skin. Not only that she is so pleasant and nice and enjoys getting pampered in this beautiful stuff. She lovessss it! And so do I ..

Sophie Devine

I have always loved the soothing smell of lavender. So I use it as a bed time routine for my son with autism. once he gets his lavender bath and lavender body oil he is super relaxed and easy to take care of. Thank you MyTea Garden

Kris W.
Huge Bar and Smells Incredible

I grew up in the country, and the smell of this soap took me back to my childhood. The lather is super rich and clean. My skin doesn't feel tight after using and the smell is like standing in a field of lavender. Seriously worth the money. Can't wait to try the others

joe kossimeter
Hate to run out

I ordered the soap bundle because it's hard running out. Once you start using this soap you just don't want to use anything else. I love every one of these and I tried them all.

Cheryl Pankey

Love it

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