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Jamaican Bissy

Jamaican Bissy

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Jamaican Bissy • Jamaican Bissy 

This Bush Bar Soap is infused with Bissy , (Kola Nut) imported from MyTea Garden in Jamaica. 

Chosen in this recipe because of its long-standing reputation as a purifier.  So, if you struggle with itch, rash, or skin allergies, add this to your daily skin routine and uncover the secret to healthy, moisturized skin.  Our handmade Jamaican Bissy soap, crafted through the hot processed method, is amazing for your everyday self-care. Let the essence of Jamaica revitalize your skin and your senses with each use, leaving you feeling clean, uplifted and connected to nature.  Take pride as you bathe in Jamaican Bissy , cultivating a lifestyle that embraces the power of herbs for your healing.

Why you're gonna love this...

⁎ Great for daily use on both face and body

⁎ Cleanses and moisturizes with the power of herbs

⁎ Gently soothe skin inflammation, with antimicrobial properties found in Bissy 

 ⁎ Firms and tones skin

 ⁎ Super lather that burst aromatherapy as you bathe

 ⁎ Lightens blemishes, and evens complexion


Ingredients: Coconut oil, Palm oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, Distilled water, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor oil Ground Bissy, Bentonite Clay, Patchoili Essential Oil


🌿 Colored naturally with Ground Bissy and Bissy brewed tea.  

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